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We are facing a national retirement crisis. Employees are retiring without a pension and without enough saved – yet they are living longer. The DOL believes that American workers’ savings efforts have been held back by conflicted advice, which the White House Council of Economic Advisers estimates to cause an average of $17 billion of losses every year. Yes, $17 billion. You need conflict-free advice when deciding whether to take a rollover, where to roll over a distribution, and how to invest it. You also need your employees to engage a fiduciary that will put participants’ interests first.

Saving for Retirement

Prepare for the Future

Business Strategy

Collaborative Approach

A Strategic Action Plan For Your Financial Future

We build Complete 360° Retirement Readiness Solutions

By working with our certified team, you can help your employees plan for retirement and save for the future. Our comprehensive plan
and administration services help you comply with ERISA and other requirements.


• Portfolio Analysis & Management
• Retirement Income Projection
• Asset Allocation
• Private Equity Management

Employers Can Use Retirement Plans to Recruit and Retain Employees

In addition to helping employees become retirement-ready, employer-sponsored plans can also be a tool for attracting and retaining qualified employees. With our help, you can design, implement and maintain a high-quality retirement plan that meets the needs of your participants.



Think About Where You Are Today and Where You Want To Be Tomorrow

Each employee has a different retirement goal, so it’s normal that they would have different preferences for how retirement planning is presented to them. Our goal is to provide you with a variety of educational resources and methods to help you succeed. As regulations become more complex and fiduciary responsibilities become more prominent, Prevail provides retirement services to companies that focus on comprehensive advice, a disciplined process, and client satisfaction.

Protecting Clients' Interests by Mitigating Risks

Our company designs retirement plans that support the human resource objectives of organizations. To ensure our clients are getting the value they expect, we work with these same organizations to identify the retirement plan vendors that are best suited to their needs, goals, and objectives.

• Consistent / Scheduled Employee Meetings
• Webinars for Offsite Employees
• Financial Wellness Services
• Comprehensive Trustee Reporting

Get Participants Allocated Properly

Educating employees about retirement savings is possible through webinars and other online tools. To ensure your 401(k) plan's success, you need an experienced partner who can manage administrative duties, recordkeeping, legal compliance, and other tactical tasks. Over the past two decades, we've helped hundreds of companies reduce their administrative burden using our proven processes. • Risk Profile/ Personal Allocation Assessments • Group, One-On-One, and Webinar Based Meetings • Active Re-Enrollment

Comprehensive Plan Consulting Services

Our organization has over 100 years of combined experience to help you navigate the retirement plan landscape.

Defined Contribution Plans:
You can count on our experienced retirement plan consultants to help you select, build, and maintain an employer-sponsored defined contribution plan that meets the needs of your business and employees.

We can help ensure your plan design, educational tools, and resources will work together to increase plan participation and retirement readiness.

Building and maintaining employer-sponsored retirement plans can be challenging for public institutions. Our team will assist you in understanding regulations and risks associated with them.

Utilizing our PREVAIL models, we build goals with you around:

• Helping Improve Your Company's ROI on Your Retirement Plan
• Growing Your Plan While Reducing Costs
• Getting Return on Your Company's Investment


Your Retirement Solutions Team

Our organization has over 100 years of combined experience. Our certified team of financial specialists act as your very own board of financial directors.


Investor Life Cycle

Saving for Retirement

Saving, investing, and managing money are our focus areas. As part of our work within the retirement industry, we get the chance to assist many people
from three distinct groups: helping business owners create a better work environment and concentrate on their employees; helping HR and benefits
professionals enjoy their jobs more; and helping employees feel happier, less stressed, and feel more positive about their financial futures.

Our retirement counselors provide one-on-one advice to employees and encourage them to take action based on recommendations tailored to their individual needs, with the goal of helping them invest wisely and save more.


Accumulation Phase

The phase of life where investors accumulate assets. During this phase more risk can typically be tolerated since there is more time to achieve goals and objectives. Often there are short-term needs that must be considered (such as employment changes or purchase of a home).

Consolidation Phase

Wealth often accumulates more rapidly during this phase as an investor’s income typically outpaces expenses. Most large purchases and immediate cash needs have already been addressed. The time horizon until the next phase is getting progressively shorter.

Decumulation Phase

Typically known as retirement, wherein earned income has mostly, if not completely, ended and investment income from accumulated assets is now the primary source to pay living expenses. Risk tolerance tends to be considerably lower as volatility and fluctuations are less desirable.

Business Strategy

401(k) and Corporate-Sponsored Retirement Plans

We believe people deserve better than a one-size-fits-all solution.

Our retirement services team only works with businesses and their employer-sponsored retirement plans. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive advisory services, acting as a fiduciary advisor under 3(38) or 3(21), as well as access to a dedicated team of advisors and education for your plan participants. We also provide stand alone fiduciary and administrative services.


Collaborative Approach

We take the next step forward with an integrated platform to deliver personalized advice, financial wellness and comprehensive financial planning tailored to your needs. There are many different ways that an employee could save for retirement, and the right strategy is different for each individual. And because of this, a worker’s plan should be highly customized and based on the goals, ambitions, and specific needs of the employees.

Strategic Research and Advice
 Plan Governance
 IRS and DOL Representation
 Plan Documents, Procedures and Compliance Assessments


Premium Client Service

We develop personalized, wealth-building strategies that allow retirement income to be withdrawn at a lower tax bracket. Our philosophy is that clients should not only diversify by asset class and type to protect against market volatility, but also diversify to protect against higher future income taxes. If you are a business who offers defined contribution or defined benefit plans to your employees, we can help. 

Customized Investment Portfolios
 Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies
 Estate Planning
 Legacy Planning


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