Kerry Lawing

Chief Executive Officer

After 30-plus years owning and operating Lawing Financial, Kerry Lawing suddenly had the unique opportunity to hit reset. In 2017, Kerry sold Lawing Financial – the company he founded in 1985 and grew to over $5 Billion in assets under advisement. He built a close-knit team, with the vision of disrupting an age-old industry, and founded Prevail Innovative Wealth Strategies. Kerry believes the financial industry is broken and that there is a better solution than the traditional advice advisors typically offer. He is driven by impacting the lives of those around him; dedicating himself to growing people, advisors and businesses. Exceptionalism is his passion and Kerry has a history of delivering on that expectation.

Prevail hit the ground running, growing to 86 advisors in 2018 and over $2.2 Billion of “In-Force” Life Insurance. Kerry’s innate ability to attract, cultivate and empower his team has been a key factor in Prevail’s success. He prioritizes mentoring the advisors and team members that work with him, utilizing his energy and experience of growing both businesses and people to help them maximize strategies that make a financial impact for their clients or personal businesses.

Kerry is direct, intentional and unwavering. He works hand-in-hand with advisors and entrepreneurs to clearly identify their objectives and three-year plan. This includes, but is not limited to, establishing their vision and mission and creating long-term value to impact lives. His approach is strategic yet tactical; visionary yet measurable; and driven to keep focus on accelerating their Most Valuable and Profitable (MVP) activities. Once MVPs are determined, a sustainable accountability system is established. Growth is created when advisors and business owners are pushed beyond their comfort zone to evolve beyond creating an income stream to establishing long-term value.

Kerry’s proven process has stood the test of time through multiple business and financial cycles and over multiple industries. When you meet Kerry Lawing and his Prevail advisors, you’ll feel the difference this approach has made on their careers, families and long-term success.