with Strategies for Wealth management

5 investment strategies for wealth management in a changing market

2023 has continued the crazy market cycles trend. Don’t be a victim to market ups and downs, learn how to create wealth vs. just managing it. Tired of the same old excuses? Fly in the face of conventional wealth management. RISE ABOVE!

Strategies for Wealth management

It’s a big choice to hire a financial advisor. It could affect your finances for many years to come. A Northwestern Mutual report from 2022 found that 62% of U.S. adults say they need to do a better job of planning their finances. However, only 35% of Americans have a financial adviser or work with one.

Everyone has a different idea of how valuable it is to work with a financial adviser. According to the law, advisors can’t promise returns, but a study shows that clients who work with one are less stressed about their money and may have more money to spend in retirement.

1. Building a Strategy for Market Volatility

In today’s dynamic financial landscape, where the shadow of significant changes in income tax rates looms large, the need for effective wealth preservation and growth has never been more vital.

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Diversification Beyond Market Volatility

At Prevail, we hold a belief that diverging from conventional financial wisdom is often the wisest path. Diversification, to us, extends beyond shielding your investments from the tumultuous
winds of market volatility. It is equally about preparing for the inevitable fluctuations in income tax rates, thereby ensuring that you retain a more significant portion of your hard-earned money.

2. Rethink Tax-Deferred Investments

The financial landscape of today bears little resemblance to that of the 1980s. Back then, the notion of deferring taxes on investments made sense, especially when the top tax rate reached an astonishing 70%. However, today’s complexities demand a more nuanced approach. Prevail’s strategies are designed to harmoniously blend pre-tax, post-tax, and tax-free investment vehicles, presenting you with a comprehensive financial toolkit for maximizing your wealth.

3. Choose an Advisor with the Right Specialty

At Prevail, managing money is more than financial. It’s personal. And it’s personalized. We never use a cookie-cutter approach. Every client is different and so must be their approach to creating, growing, protecting, and distributing their wealth.

We invite you to meet with our team and learn how we focus on working with clients to create wealth, not just manage it.

4. Pick an Advisor with a Compatible Strategy

Active and strategic management. Our portfolios are built from stocks that we have researched, analyzed, tracked, forecasted, and tested. 

We made it easy to connect with a financial advisor, so you can avoid costly mistakes that could affect your retirement outcome.

5. Pick an Advisor with a Compatible Strategy

Active and strategic management. Our portfolios are built from stocks that we have researched, analyzed, tracked, forecasted, and tested. 

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