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A sound life insurance protection strategy addresses your coverage needs today, over your working life and even during retirement. This may involve “layering” coverage — purchasing term life insurance with varying coverage periods and a certain amount of permanent life insurance too. All or a portion of the term coverage can be converted to permanent over time, to meet your long-term protection needs. The idea is purchasing policies that, in combination, will provide an appropriate amount of life insurance protection during various stages of your life.

Whole Life Insurance as a Financial Asset

Group life insurance plans may not be adequate

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Life Insurance

The Importance of Proper Coverage

Consumers and the insurance industry alike focus on the need for life insurance awareness. Life insurance is definitely an investment worth considering, as it also serves as a safety net against financial emergencies and unexpected life-changing events.

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Is Life Insurance a Good Investment?

For those working on creating wealth and gathering significant assets and investment holdings, one question often posed in the face of advancing years is “is life insurance a good investment?” This is a common question asked by those who may be leaving behind families, potential debt, or even business interests. In some cases, life insurance may be a solid way to help protect your family and business from your final expenses and remaining debt. Let’s take a closer look at when it may be a good idea, and when you should avoid it. 

Depending on what type of policy you’re looking at, you might still be on the fence about whether life insurance is a good investment at this point in your life. In the face of advancing years, an important question is whether life insurance can be a good investment for those who are trying to build up their assets and investment holdings. If you still find yourself asking “is life insurance a good investment”, reach out to our team at Prevail, and talk it over with some of the best wealth management advisors in the midwest.

The Prevailing Difference: Videos

Misconceptions of the LIRP – Interview with David McKnight
New York Times, best-selling author, David McKnight summarizing why life insurance is critical to the LIRP.

Legacy Planning for Retirees

Bruce Gordon discusses strategies to help protect your financial future, diversify your assets by tax class, and be proud of the legacy you leave!

What Does “Fully Paid Up” Mean on a Permanent Life Insurance Policy?
Heather Heackadon explains the meaning of “fully paid up” on a Permanent Life Insurance Policy.

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