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The traditional approach to wealth management has remained unchanged for years. The advice your parents received about saving for retirement is likely the same advice you were given. You probably were told it’s best to maximize your 401k because it is tax-deferred. You might have also been given a risk tolerance assessment to determine how close to or far away from the “typical” 60/40 split you were or should be. Sound familiar? Have you ever stopped to think why this recycled approach hasn’t changed in decades, when everything else around us has?

The pace of market change, market volatility, tax law changes, additions to the types of investment strategies on the market, as well as the tools needed to buy, sell or track the performance of our investments—all of these have changed dramatically. Yet, the traditional approach to investment strategies remains largely the same. In addition to maximizing tax-deferred investments, the conventional advice is to “diversify” by putting your money in a few different funds—based on your risk tolerance—to better ride out the ups and downs of the market.

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Is this passive approach to your financial future good enough? After 30 years in the wealth management business, we decided the answer was an emphatic “NO!” It’s not good enough for us. It’s not good enough for our clients.

By not accounting for taxes, market volatility, or the other uncontrollable factors we all face, you can end up leaving your financial futures to chance. It’s time to stop accepting the status quo from a wealth advisor who uses an “off-the-shelf,”” tried-and-true,” “set it and forget it” approach.

The “strategy” of riding out the ups and downs of the market isn’t a strategy at all. Although, in some cases, it can provide a sense of safety from growth over time, it’s still a passive approach. But when it comes to building wealth, is PASSIVE enough? With this type of approach, you’re paying someone to “check in” on your money…on occasion. Doesn’t it seem like a smarter move to partner with a team who is proactively analyzing opportunities in the market and actively buying and selling the same way they do with their own money?

How Prevail is different.

At Prevail, managing money is more than financial. It’s personal. And it’s personalized. We never use a cookie-cutter approach. Every client is different and so must be their approach to creating, growing, protecting, and distributing their wealth. The “model portfolio” where money is stacked in different funds (ex. conservative, balanced, value, growth, aggressive growth, etc.) isn’t necessarily a model for today. Today’s market is unique. And so are the needs of our clients. Since the economy, the world, and our individual situations can change at a break-neck speed, Prevail takes into account not only our clients’ risk tolerance and asset class diversification, but also their overall tax strategy—that layers in another level of protection of assets.

Active and strategic management. Our portfolios are built from stocks that we have researched, analyzed, tracked, forecasted, and tested. The strategic plan for how to leverage these investment strategies  is built for every client. In other words, we have flipped the typical business model on its head. Instead of employing a large number of RIAs (Registered Investment Investment Advisors Representative) to accumulate AUM (Assets Under Management), we’ve poured our resources into technical analysis to generate wealth-creating opportunities for our clients. This provides our team with tremendous opportunities to help clients limit downside exposure in market downturns, and maximize upside during positive trends.

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Is Prevail just another Wealth Management company?
Our team has worked in the wealth management space for most of our careers. However, in 2017 we headed down a different path. A new path. A path that recognized that the traditional methods and strategies aren’t enough. The market conditions today are vastly different than they were even 15 years ago, so how we create and manage wealth should be different too. And at Prevail, it IS different. We invite you to meet with our team and learn how we focus on working with clients to create wealth, not just manage it.
I've always been told that a "buy and hold" strategy is the best approach and will help me long term even in a volatile market. Is that what I should be doing?
This is a traditional and common approach to investing, and we don’t tell people it’s wrong. However, we do believe there a more active approach can result in better long term results. Our team of analysts are studying market, sector and geographic conditions and trends continuously, as well as vetting specific stock performance and expectations. You could say that we roll up our sleeves and work every day to help our clients minimize losses and maximize gains, vs. a “set it and forget it” approach.

Everyone has a "Risk Number". What's yours?

Download Prevail’s Intro Guide To Personal Wealth Risk Management.

10 Ways to MInimize Risk & Maximize Asset Protection

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Risk Management?

Download Prevail’s Intro Guide To Personal Wealth Risk Management.

10 Ways to MInimize Risk & Maximize Asset Protection

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