Our Culture

We Succeed When Our Clients Succeed

When we talk about disrupting the industry – we are talking not only about the services we provide, but also how we do business. Our beliefs and values are not just words to go on a wall, they guide our actions, set direction, and help us plan for our future.

Prevail’s Core Values


We do the right thing even when on one is watching.


We demonstrate enthusiasm and positive energy for the work we do.


We use difficult situations as an opportunity to demonstrate faithfulness to commitments and obligations.


We work collaboratively in our development and achievement to accomplish our vision.


We protect original ideas and thoughts, to challenge conventional wisdom.


We believe that nothing is more important than our reputation. We demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices, and working with the highest levels of integrity is fundamental to who we are.

Acting with integrity means honesty, trust, transparency, and fairness are central to our relationships with customers, colleagues, and our communities. This requires open, frequent, and consistent communication, which fosters in developing lasting and purposeful relationships. We treat people with respect independent of their status or disagreement with you.

Every relationship begins with trust and appreciation for the common goals. In our interactions with our clients, partners, and families, our commitment is to always do the right thing. When we’re entrusted with a client’s business, we take it very seriously. The golden rule guides our business.

Our reputation is based upon our ability to fulfill promises to shareholders, customers, and employees. We do so by being honest in our dealings, taking responsibility, and being accountable for our actions. We are collectively proactive in identifying issues and coming up with solutions.

At Prevail, protecting the trust that others have placed in us, preserving their confidentiality, and impacting their future is essential to achieving our mission.


We are committed to doing and being the best, and this can only be accomplished through teamwork and collaboration with our team members, our clients, and our community. Leadership and superior performance are achieved through the pursuit of personal excellence.

Maximum impact is achieved through loyalty among a team  that individually pursues personal excellence.
The foundation of our organization was built by a team of people that were more loyal to each other and the opportunity to change an industry than to their own self-interests. That loyalty permeates throughout the organization as we continue to build tenure in all aspects of our business with trusting and loyal teammates. There is a commitment to creating success for our clients and for our organization.

Members of the Prevail team display loyalty through consistent work and effort regardless of the situation and through mutual respect for each other and our business. We will continuously seek ongoing improvement and take great pride in what we do.


Our passion is the driving factor for intentionally educating our clients and innovating strategies for accomplishing their goals. It drives us to continuously ask questions and solve challenges with creative solutions. The enthusiasm that our entire team has around disrupting the industry with a truly unique approach and solutions creates a winning environment.

We celebrate wins and work together through losses. The quiet confidence of leadership combined with the drive and motivation of the rest of the team together drive our organization forward. The passion among our team members is a tangible drive to win. We strive to win for our clients and for each other.


We have built and will continue to build a high-performing culture. We believe in our people and continuously design our culture to bring out the best in individuals so that they reach their full potential from both an individual and team perspective. We give enormous opportunity and responsibility, but equally demand accountability.

We treat our colleagues, partners and customers with respect, regardless of hierarchy or difference in opinion. This environment creates collaboration, openness, and a sense of accomplishment – together. We truly believe that all companies, including ours, can reach far greater heights together, and any one person could achieve alone.

Greatness comes from unlocking each other’s potential. We believe seeking and giving feedback are essential for us to learn. We want to inspire each other to achieve great things. As each individual grows, so does the organization. And, our success is driven by our ability to build relationships and connect across all teams and functions.
We value ideas and contributions from everyone. We recognize, respect, and value diversity in the team. We develop strong bonds by communicating and sharing knowledge, encourage open discussion, and commit to an agreed position.

We will work together, building relationships to create ever-greater value for Prevail and the clients we serve.


We continuously challenge ourselves to see what’s possible to better beat the needs of our team, our clients, and our company. We are all a work in progress, striving to improve and do better. We recognize creativity when solving challenging problems. Original ideas and thoughts that challenge conventional thinking is a cornerstone on which Prevail was built.

Being a disruptive company requires creative thinking and not accepting the status quo. We don’t strive to be innovative just for the sake of innovating or being different. We are changing how the wealth advisory and management business is done because our clients deserve nothing less.

We believe that our creative strategies and solutions, and continuously reinventing those strategies and solutions, is in our DNA. And because it’s in our DNA, we will always stay ahead of the competition and be able to provide the very best service to our clients.

We value open-mindedness, looking beyond the obvious answers and meeting challenges head-on. As individuals and as a team – a depth of knowledge and experience combined with original ideas and ingenuity will drive success for our clients and Prevail alike.

How we show up:

Practice Good Stewardship

Be faithful and diligent with the investments and responsibilities we have been given.

Treat All People with Respect

Every person has dignity and worth regardless of status or company affiliation.

Practice Humility

Don’t be arrogant; much of our success is rooted outside ourselves.

Accept Responsibility

Take ownership of fixing the problem, not placing the blame.

Work as a Team

Individual successes only count if they make the team and the company successful also.

Speak the Truth

Resolve issues with the other person honestly and directly, while always seeking their good.

Help Others Accomplish Their Goals

Have the same ambition for others’ goals as you do for your own.

Unconventional times deserve unconventional thinking.

We Don't Just Offer the Financial Services You Need, We Integrate Them

When it comes to investing, we all have one goal in common – to have accumulated enough wealth to enjoy financial freedom and live the life you want to live. However, with conventional financial planning, it’s like flying into a strong head wind when you consider uncontrollable factors like income tax rates, contribution limits and distribution restrictions. That’s why, at Prevail, we untether ourselves from convention. We turn traditional wealth management on its head by surrounding each client with a financial board of directors who work as a team to help create, grow and preserve our clients’ total wealth. Because we think it’s time for better wealth management. It’s time for our clients to prevail.

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Risk Management?

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10 Ways to MInimize Risk & Maximize Asset Protection

Investment Topics Found In

How Prevail is different.

At Prevail, managing money is more than financial. It’s personal. And it’s personalized. We never use a cookie-cutter approach. Every client is different, and so must be their approach to creating, growing, protecting, and distributing their wealth. The “model portfolio” where money is stacked in different funds (ex. conservative, balanced, value, growth, aggressive growth, etc.) isn’t necessarily a model for today. Today’s market is unique, and so are the needs of our clients. Since the economy, the world, and our individual situations can change at a break-neck speed, Prevail takes into account not only our clients’ risk tolerance and asset class diversification, but also their overall tax strategy—that layers in another level of protection of assets.

Active and strategic management.
Our portfolios are built from stocks that we have researched, analyzed, tracked, forecasted, and tested. The strategic plan for how to leverage these investments is custom-built for every client. In other words, we have flipped the typical business model on its head. Instead of employing a large number of RIAs (Registered Investment Investment Advisors Representative) to accumulate AUM (Assets Under Management), we’ve poured our resources into technical analysis to generate wealth creating opportunities for our clients. This provides our team with tremendous opportunities to help clients limit downside exposure in market downturns and maximize upside during positive trends.

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