Craig Gordon

Vice President of Sales

As a fourth-generation insurance professional, Craig Gordon’s family history instilled a passion for the benefits properly designed life and disability plans can provide individuals and families. Throughout his nearly two decades in the insurance industry, Craig has held various leadership positions. Some of his most rewarding experiences include:

  • Leading a project management team that collaborated with the actuarial, underwriting, new business and marketing departments of major insurance companies to develop new life and annuity products
  • Managing the regional sales and recruitment efforts of a major insurance company
  • Developing and leading a group product line division for a large insurance marketing company that produced $400 million in annual premiums across all product lines and divisions

Craig has a passion for delivering products and services that solve problems, add value and become standard-setting solutions. As Divisional Vice President at Prevail, he spends most of his time educating advisors and clients on designing, building and implementing a variety of insurance, capital and wealth strategies. As a result, 75% of the clients he works for are referred to him by other advisors.

Craig is a graduate of Center College, in Kentucky, where he played Division III golf and received a bachelor’s degree in international relations. He and his wife live in Olathe, KS with their two very active boys. Family is the focus of his free time, which includes the many and various sporting activities of his sons.