Brad Lawing

Vice President

I empower you to reclaim control over your financial future, bridging the gap between traditional planning and personal empowerment.


As one of the founding partners of Prevail Strategies, LLC, Brad serves as Vice President. Brad works with business owners, executives, and high-net-worth families to help determine their financial goals and help get them where they want to be. He believes that having a road map to financial success is a key component of knowing where to go. Serving in the financial services industry since 2006, Brad has helped numerous business owners and executives to deeply understand their financial situation, maximizing their success and ability to control their own financial future. He is a Certified Private Wealth Advisor.®

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Brad Lawing’s story is one of deep-rooted family values and a commitment to building meaningful relationships both inside and outside the office. At the center of his world stand his wife and three daughters, whose love and support serve as a beacon of strength and inspiration. They infuse his life with joy and laughter, offering a refreshing perspective that rejuvenates him beyond the confines of work. Together, they cherish moments of togetherness, relishing in the shared experiences of travel and family vacations whenever time permits.

Beyond the hustle of daily life, Brad finds solace in his favorite pastimes like teeing off on the golf course or embarking on adventurous hunting trails with friends. These pursuits not only provide moments of relaxation but also foster bonds of camaraderie and shared passion. As one of the co-founders of Prevail, Brad feels privileged to be part of a vision crafted by his father, Kerry Lawing. Together, they are building a legacy that transcends generations, driven by a shared commitment to integrity, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Brad’s journey exemplifies the profound impact of family, faith, and purpose-driven endeavors in shaping a life of fulfillment and purpose.

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