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I believe traditional financial planning takes control away from you, and I show you how to take it back. | Real Estate Investor | Flyfisherman | Travel Enthusiast.
Adam Doran


I specialize in financial strategies that give YOU control by maximizing liquidity, tax-free income, and sustainable wealth. My client process is education-focused, and I have a unique ability to explain complex strategies in simple terms, so you can make informed financial decisions and feel confident about your future.

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Prior to starting his financial practice in 2018, Adam spent 16 years as a police officer.  During that first career, Adam wrote several complex grant proposals for the acquisition of new equipment and funds, which required getting into the details of project planning and finance. Additionally, his experience as a training officer, hostage negotiator and Crisis Intervention Team officer developed his abilities to listen effectively and assess complex situations – skills he uses today to provide clients the best service possible. 

Adam’s specialty is working with real estate investors and business owners.  He runs his financial practice with an educational focus.   He enjoys sharing with clients: 1. How traditional financial planning is broken, 2. The tax problem nobody’s talking about, 3. A creative capital strategy to build tax-free wealth while you grow your business or real estate portfolio.  As a business owner and real estate investor himself, he understands the considerations around capital growth while managing risk and maintaining liquidity.

Adam lives in Kansas City, Kansas with his wife and daughter. He enjoys fishing, traveling, and finding great places to eat. 

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