Corporate Capital Strategies (for business owners)

Most small/mid-sized business owners fund the growth or operation of their businesses by the traditional methods of using cash from operating profit or borrowing from a bank.

Unfortunately, both methods can stunt growth by either using up available cash or paying financing costs. And since business owners tend to put most everything they make back into the business, they may be risking their retirement in order to keep the business afloat. And what if the market is down or the company has had some rough years when it’s time to sell? We have strategies that solve these challenges, giving business owners the ability to self-fund business growth AND build wealth for retirement.

Prevail has the knowledge and expertise to tailor our retirement vehicles to allow for borrowing against the cash value of the vehicle without reducing the principal amount and the growth associated with it. This effectively creates wealth from the interest gained on the “unrecognized” loss in cash value.