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When it comes to investing, we all have one goal in common – to have accumulated enough wealth to enjoy financial freedom and live the life you want to live. However, with conventional financial planning, it’s like flying into a strong headwind when you consider uncontrollable factors like income tax rates, contribution limits, and distribution restrictions. That’s why, at Prevail, we untether ourselves from convention. We turn traditional wealth management on its head by surrounding each client with a financial board of directors who work as a team to help create, grow, and preserve our clients’ total wealth. Because we think it’s time for better wealth management. It’s time for our clients to prevail.

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We just don’t manage your wealth; we help you create it.

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Prevail Philanthropy

Prevail Innovative Wealth Strategies started in 2017 with a vision to be an industry disruptor to the financial services sector. Our mission is to create, protect, and empower financial freedom. Since its inception and before, our team at Prevail has been blessed in so many ways. One of our four key objectives each year is to impact the lives of our clients, team, partners, and community.

In response to these blessings, we have started Prevail Together to support charities in the Kansas City area. This year, Prevail Together is excited to partner with Rex and Jennifer Hudler’s ‘Team Up for Down Syndrome.’

Prevail Innovative Wealth Strategies has five fundamental values that we look for in our team, clients, and partners:

  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Loyalty
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity

As we reviewed our core values throughout our selection process, Rex, Jennifer, and the organization at Team Up for Down Syndrome exemplify all that we stand for. Our shared value system makes a powerful partnership, we look forward to collaborating in order to make a substantial benefaction. In an era of increased division, what better time to come together for a unifying cause.

Team Up for Down Syndrome’s mission is “to raise the public’s awareness, both locally and nationally, of the positive contributions that individuals with Down syndrome and others with unique abilities make in our society.” The donations they receive are used for housing, health research, job training, family counseling, education, and other worthwhile causes. Proceeds from the “Prevail Together Charity Golf Tournament” support this program and their endeavors in the Down syndrome community.


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