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Andrew Stafford


Andrew Stafford has a passion for building and creating significance. He is wired to exceed expectations, intense, detailed, yet extremely personable. 

After attending the University of Kansas, Andrew started his career as one of the founders of a “zero-based” retail start-up. This entrepreneurial experience laid a foundation for Andrew.

He was called upon and gained invaluable experience when he became the fourth generation to lead the “Family Business” founded in 1926. At a young age, Andrew learned the financial nuances of running a small business amongst industry consolidation. This ingrained the need for continued innovation and sustained growth in Andrew’s business acumen.

With numerous “lessons learned,” Andrew transitioned to his most impactful years as the Vice President of a nationwide distribution company. He earned “Executive of the Year” on multiple occasions while leading 500 employees responsible for over $200M in revenue. He led two $30M acquisitions and started an international brand from concept to distribution. Andrew’s most impactful achievements are the people he’s mentored both personally and professionally. To this day, Andrew appreciates the “Thank You” texts that he receives from those he influenced years ago.

In 2013, Andrew built an Advisory practice from the ground up at Lawing Financial. He transitioned his skillset to the Chief Operating Officer after three years. After the sale of Lawing Financial, Andrew joined Kerry Lawing and team in forming Prevail Innovative Wealth Strategies. Prevail leverages Andrew’s experience as an “industry outsider” to challenge the financial services industry status quo. As President of Prevail, he brings a unique combination of understanding advisor challenges while delivering an ecosystem that exceeds client expectations and financially transforms client’s outlook.

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