What Is The Financial Board of Directors?

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When it comes to making smart, well-informed decisions about your investments, Prevail Innovative Wealth Investment Advisors sets each client up with a financial board of directors in order to ensure your money is being managed in the best way possible. Our main goal is to help our clients create wealth. There are some key reasons that having a team on your side is more beneficial than having a single advisor.

Benefits of a Financial Board of Directors

In many financial firms, there are several individuals that work with a specific client, but it is not uncommon for each area to work independently rather than working together as a team. At Prevail Innovative Wealth Investment Advisors, our strategy is to set up each client with a financial board of directors to handle their finances.

This is a huge benefit to the clients, as it allows a situation to be handled by several professionals, each with their own area of expertise. When you have multiple viewpoints on a single situation, there’s less room for errors. One individual working with a client can only do so much. A team ensures that several professionals with varying levels of expertise can provide more holistic advice. If one doesn’t think of a specific idea/solution, another advisor may suggest it.

Different Clients Have Different Needs

When it comes to helping our clients create wealth, we understand that each client has their own specific needs. While there may be several clients with similar needs, such as a simple retirement plan, we also work with a lot of high net-worth clients that have more specific requirements. We surround each client with a financial board of directors so that all of their needs are met.

Oftentimes, clients with a higher net worth will have an accounting firm, estate planning attorney, and other professionals working on individual aspects of their finances, but they generally do not have much, if any, communication between them. Here at Prevail, we consult with the other parties to ensure everyone is aware of all aspects of a client’s financial life so that nothing is overlooked.

Why Our Board of Directors’ Approach is a Smart Move

When you have multiple parties working for one client and the communication between them is lacking, it can lead to unintentional collateral damage. We do our best to avoid that by keeping all lines of communication open. Our board of directors’ approach allows multiple subject matter experts to work together to find the best solutions possible.

Whether a client is at the beginning of their asset accumulation or they are ready to have those assets distributed, our specialized team of experts works together to give the best advice based on their specific financial lifestyle. Having an advisory board does not add any additional cost to our clients, which can be even more beneficial.

Getting Customized Financial Advice With Prevail Innovative Wealth Investment Advisors

When it comes to making smart financial choices, having a specialized team on your side can benefit you greatly. One or two advisors can be helpful, but a board of advisors surrounding you allows us to make smarter suggestions. Our team keeps the lines of communication open, ensuring everyone is on the same page. We want to help your wealth grow, and that’s not an easy task if none of the professionals on your team are aware of what’s going on. If you are ready to start working with a team of professionals to grow your wealth, reach out to Prevail Innovative Wealth Investment Advisors to get the process started.

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