Adam Doran


Adam is passionate about helping clients position themselves to build sustainable, tax-advantaged wealth and maximize long-term income. He specializes in working with real estate investors and small business owners on creative capital strategies to keep money growing and compounding within the business. As a real estate investor and private lender himself, he understands the considerations around capital growth while managing risk and maintaining liquidity.

Adam believes the financial services industry overemphasizes investment returns, often neglecting the importance of protecting and sustaining long-term income. His parents were forced to delay their retirement several years to recover from market losses due to the 2008 recession. Seeing that brought home the importance of Adam’s work today.

Adam spent 15 years as a police officer before transitioning to financial services in 2018. While in uniform, Adam wrote several complex grant proposals for the acquisition of new equipment and funds, which required getting into the details of project planning and finance. Plus, his experience as a training officer, hostage negotiator and Crisis Intervention Team officer developed his abilities to listen effectively and assess complex situations – skills he finds useful today to provide clients the best service possible.

Adam lives in Kansas City, Kansas with his wife and daughter. He enjoys fishing, hiking in the mountains and traveling to new places.